Friday, 20 January 2017

Senate meeting

Friends, gamers, countrymen
lend me your ears!
So the 2017 AGM  of our group was last night,
here are the minutes of the meeting
Joy of 6 will be American civil war, playing the Bull run battle.
develop scenery for Bull run and ACW in general
Bull run playtest will be at Easter may 6th
Possible half size operational ACW game
Selection of Thursday night ACW games for march
Modern Spearhead - West Germany
Blog articles, Highlight certain rule aspect and meaning,-ACW
Skirting round the outside, American war of Independence
WW2 naval , incorporate aircraft elements, possible mini campaign
WW1 spearhead
Star wars Armada
Modern Spearhead- Russians
 Ain't been shot mum WW2 company level
Modern Spearhead - USA
Operational game- North Africa
Operational game- Siege of Chester
Modern spearhead -Undecided
Build and develop winter war operational game
Magnus imperium- ancient battles, develop armies
WW1 Russians to complete
WW2 early war British vehicles
spearhead city games
Modern Spearhead- Luxemburg or Swiss naval division but probably British of France or Sweden who knows
Develop terrain, too many pieces bought and unpainted
Blog articles, Highlight certain rule aspect and meaning, mainly Spearhead
Star wars armada
Operation Barbarossa - 4th March
North Africa
1942 Russian counter attack
Siege of Chester
Spearhead -mark- February
naval - Russ - June
WW2 skirmish- Ozi- October
General Quarters -Ian ,Mark
Modern Spearhead - everybody
Operational Games
general consensus is that we need to standardise the terrain for Operational games
I will Blog an article about this for discussion
Days out
We didn't discuss this but  I am up for battle field /military visits
we will need something for joy of 6 weekend


  1. I am most decided on modern spearhead - I just won't commit to having an army ready this year! As I said last year, I am more than happy to do a tour of the siege of Chester followed by the Battle of Rowton Moor - just like I did with Montgomery. I think another trip to Timecast would be excellent. I wonder whether a trip to Caliver Books on the way to JoS would be good - they have tonnes of 2nd hand books that don't get to the shows. And of course the ever threatening potential of another visit to Salute?

  2. Just ordered modern spearhead from caliver and discovered also that caliver are now doing a black and white reprint of fire and fury brigade level for £19.50 which is a lot cheaper than its going for on eBay! I will be getting a copy,just because my original is a tattered pensioner. Once modern spearhead has arrived I'll order bases from my metal man and ( deep breath and resigned shrug) order from h&r any vehicles that are damaged or missing from my OOB

  3. Good luck with your Heroics & Ros experience. Based on Marks latest order it appears as though the level of service has gone from dire to even more dire.

    On a plus note if you order now you might get them before Christmas....