Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Thursday Night Is Star Wars Armada Night

For all those fans of Star Wars Armada Mark & I will be hosting a 400 point  Game this Thursday night.

Best to announce this now so everyone can make alternative arrangements like:

I can't come tonight as the cat needs shampooing.....

Sorry I am catching up on omnibus editions of Eastenders....

Apologies but I can't make it down this week to play Star Wars, next door's chip pan has got a hole in it and I promised to try and fix it.

Really sorry as I would of liked to of played Star Wars this week but I promised to peel some potatoes for the woman who lives at no 45 (she was attacked by her pet lobster during Christmas and cant use the potato peeler). I would feel dreadfully guilty if I could not be of some use, see you next week....

For those brave enough to venture out to wild lands this Thursday I will be fielding my new Rebel fleet which up until now has been truly squashed by Mark on the last 3 outings. I will be looking for some help to try and defeat the empire.......


  1. You need a hammerhead frigate to push disabled imperial cruisers into one another.

  2. Sorry admiral.i shall be on the planet Hoth this evening ' praying that the threatening snow doesn't ground my speeders

  3. Thanks for the welcome guys - it was much appreciated. Looking forward to playing some Armada (and anything else to be honest) with you. Ozy