Friday, 3 February 2017

And so it begins....

Starting to look at painting my 15mm Americans for FoW or IABSM.... you guys have encouraged me to get on with it.

I already have 3 Platoons of troops with command and Anti Tank weapons.

Also their optional support weapon teams HMG, LMG and Mortars.

To be painted is enough M3's to make them mechanised as well as Jeeps, M8 Greyhounds and M20's to be an Armoured Recon Platoon

And then there is  just all the Sherman's, TD's and supporting Mechanised Artillery to do....

Time to break out the Airbrush me thinks.


  1. The infantry look really nice. Looking forward to seeing this lot painted.

  2. You have done a fine job on those infantry, the basing is spot on too.