Friday, 3 February 2017

Fire and Fury Brigade Level (Edition 2)

After six years of development it has been announced that a second edition of Fire and Fury Brigade is to be published this summer. It's written by the author of the original set and has been undergoing play testing over the last year. According to the blog it adds some extra movement ,morale and optional weapons elements, to the brigade rules and clarifies some grey areas such as attacking bridges, fords etc. It also has a random scenario generator and army builder which is just what I need for ACW operational games. No rebasing is required and the scenario books I have will work fine with the new set.

In the meantime I have had some excellent rule clarification on the original first edition particularly in respect to resolving charges, movement through terrain, supporting brigades ,opportunity fire and and a couple of other small niggly things that I couldn't find in the rules but that were posted as addendum years ago.

I'm on leave as of tomorrow so I'm going to start posting some Boot Camp posts on what I've learned to get us all properly familiar with what we can and can't do.