Thursday, 23 February 2017

Fuck You Doris

Whilst trying to sleep after my night shift ,I got disturbed by the neighbour from across the road banging on the door to tell me that ,due to the howling bloody gale outside,the garden fence and its brick supports was about to fall into the road. Managed to get outside in time to convince the swaying structure to fall into the garden and not the road. Coupled with the fact that some knob head teenager smashed into my mum whilst skiing in Austria and left her lying in the snow, for dead, with a broken pelvis, this week has just been cack. I'm just waiting for someone to kick me in the bollocks.
On the plus side, I mentioned to Pete at Baccus in an email that went with my last order for some ACW figures, that they were to be my command stands for Joy of Six and he turned it around in just over a week.

P.s This post will go under the label Rant along with the other rants we have had.


  1. Sorry about your Mum Jon. I've lost a few tiles, a bit of fence and an iron stove was blown across the garden but nothing quite as bad as that!