Sunday, 5 February 2017

March Operational Game & Armada Tournament

The first weekend of March is set for an operational game but clashes with the upcoming Armada tournament on the Sunday.

Question is can we put the operational game back to the next week without too much hassle?

If it's not possible, no worries the operational game was booked first so needs to be honoured.

Can everyone confirm ASAP because we need to buy our tickets now as there are not many left.



  1. The hall is booked for every first weekend of the month. It's usually free by the looks of things most Saturday's but I won't know for sure until Thursday. Otherwise is everyone else free for the following weekend?

  2. I just realised I have sinfully overlooked it's Deb's birthday on the Saturday so I am not free to do any gaming this weekend, including Star Wars Armada.

  3. I'm sure she will understand, it is an Armada tournament.
    If she doesn't use the force.
    "This is not the birthday your looking for"

  4. Oh Dear - I wonder what Yoda would say?

  5. Something like"Russ,you must complete your training. Only then can you confront Shakespeare "