Friday, 17 February 2017

Modern Spearhead :North Korean OOB

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Just an example of the excellent resource material on the Modern Spearhead website


korea north
Quality: WARPAC 2 (except Border Defence Battalions, which are Third World)
Morale: Regular (except Border Defence Battalions, which are Green)
9 Border Defence Battalions, each:
Headquarters: 1 x HQ Stand, 1 x Type 31 60mm Mortar.
3 Infantry Companies, each: 2 x Infantry Stands*.
3 Marine Battalions:
(details unknown)
1 Commando Battalion:
(details unknown)
1 Motorcycle ‘Regiment’**:
Headquarters: 1 x HQ Stand & Truck.
1 Recce Platoon: 1 x Recon Motorcycle Combo LMG Stand***.
1 Armoured Recce Company: 2 x Recon BA-64B Armoured Cars
1 Motorised Recce Company: 2 x Recon SMG Infantry Stands with 1 Truck & 1 Motorcycle Stand***.
3 Tank ‘Regiments’, each**:
Headquarters: 1 x HQ T34/85.
3 ‘Battalions’, each: 3 x T-34/85.
1 Corps Artillery Regiment:
1 Howitzer Battalion: 3 x M38 122mm Howitzers & Horse-drawn limbers, FO.
1 Anti-Tank Battalion: 4 x M1944 100mm ATGs & Lorries.
(Most likely 4 Batteries of 1 Stand each).

From 1951 Add:

Corps Artillery Regiment (additional units):
1 Mortar Battalion: 3 x M43 120mm Mortars & Horse-drawn limbers, FO.
1 AA Battalion: 4 x M39 37mm AA Guns & Trucks.
3 AA Companies, each: 3 x 12.7mm AA HMG.
* Border Defence Infantry are AI 4-6" and have no AT or ATGW factors.
 ** Treat the Motorcycle & Tank “Regiments” as Battalions as per the rules. Tank “Battalions” may be attached out as if “Companies”.
*** The Recon Motorcycle LMG Stand is AI 5-6" (with no AT or ATGW), and the Mechanised Recon SMG Infantry Stands are AT 0-3" and AI 5-3” and have no ATGW factor.


  1. That would be very easy to upgrade the WW2 Russians to fit this list. Mark's Americans would easily upgrade as well - we just need some jets and helicopters.

  2. 120mm mortars and 122mm howitzers are horse drawn,normal battalion are 3rd world. I don't have the rules with me but I can guess what that means