Friday, 17 February 2017

My recommendations - Terrain Board Tutorial

Well, here goes nothing!

I have watched this video and I think that the actual flock colours used and techniques would sit well with what we are trying to accomplish on our operational boards.

I thought to share this to see what we all think?

Jon and I had a chat about conformity and using the same flocks across all the boards so I thought this would be a good starting point to work from.

It's not the holy grail by any means, just something I stumbled on and thought it could be inspirational?

Anyway if you have time watch the vid and feedback your comments that would be great.

The sooner we can all agree on the materials means we can buy the flocks and materials mentioned and have a go.

I think the D Day board looks fantastic and if we can replicate these effects on our boards I think we would all be pretty pleased with the result.


Ian said...

The idea of conformity is excellent and I would buy into it. I am concerned that this chaps process is for 28mm and therefore the course flocks will not look good for 6mm. The spray process looked really good and using the pva as a highlight has got me interested. However, I think you just need to give it a go on one board and get feedback when you're done. It may take several attempts before we all buy into it - but it would be worth it. I think you need to think about how easy it is to replicate, especially the application technique. Doing the desert terrain has been a lot of trial and error with the overall aim of repeatability. If you develop a technique that we can all have a go at it needs to be easily repeatable. The guy in the vid is very good and I wonder if his approach could be done by someone else with the same results. Have a go Russ and I will definitely be interested in where this goes.

I hope you contributed $1 to his fund so that he can give up his job in the warehouse - and Jon be warned, don't spend too much time inside doing the scenery for Bull Run, he looked like a rough version of you!

jono said...

I watched the original video that he briefly mentioned at the moment before I started the Bull Run boards at xmas and he was only using one tone. Now I have seen this I will use the same fine grain that I used with my Bull Run hills but add that extra tone. I also didn't water down my sealing layer of pva enough so that's something else I've now started to perfect. I used woodland scenic fine earth and burnt grass on Bull Run and will do again because they came in easily storable plastic but am happy to use a different company for the operation tiles.