Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Next Operational Game

Image result for ww2 operational planning

I think I have checked with everyone and rejigged rotas at work so that the next operational game will now be on Saturday 18th March.  Ozzy's involvement will now give us the extra ability to field a CinC for the attackers and Frank has said that he may also take part allowing for a defending CinC.  This should give us greater control of air, off table artillery, reserve commitments and the opportunity to give greater direction to the overall battle.  I also expect that players will be able to concentrate more easily on the individual actions which should lead to more turns played or a faster game.

CinCs will only be allowed to communicate by text or travel directly to a sector by air using the spotter aircraft or on the ground in their personal transport - whilst travelling there will be no communication or orders.  The lunchtime break will be the only chance for informal chats.

As previously posted, the game will be set in the summer of 1941 during Operation Barbarossa in which the lead elements of a Panzer Corp will attempt to smash its way through a hastily organised Soviet defence which will include an armoured train.

I propose Mark, Jon as the Germans with Phil and Russ as the Russians.  Ozzy, if you're up for it, would be German CinC as I think you will get a very good game out of this without needing to know all the nuances of the spearhead rules.  Again, if Frank does get involved I would put him in charge of the Russians as he knows the general framework of the rules but he would not be up to speed with the operational game system.

Please let me know that you are definitely ok with the 18th March.