Friday, 10 February 2017

Operational boards

So Table 1B is done the terrain will be marked up a picture taken and the measurements for the terrain added.
This board is classed as "Fairly open terrain" with the 1 point for the village
Fairly open terrain= 1x hill, 4x woods/fields
Close terrain= 1x hill 4x woods/fields
Hilly terrain= 4xhill or 1xridge+2x hills or 2x ridges
Jon has said he would like to do 1A (hilly terrain) and 2C (Hilly and close terrain)
Russ has said he would like to do the river board/boards? 2A(fairly open)+ 2B (Close terrain)

1C is fairly open terrain

Please let me know if you wish to do a board, Once completed and agreed upon by the group they will be photographed and that terrain and placement used for our operational games.

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Ian said...

Lets get 1A, 1D and 2D and even 3A done on Thursday?