Wednesday, 29 March 2017

ACW night. The Peninsular and first move on Richmond

Thursday nights ACW will be a historical scenario.

The early skirmishes and battles of the war had proved that the result would be costly. The newly formed army of the Potomac under the the Young Napoleon ,General McLellan had been transported by sea and landed in strength on the Peninsular south of the rebel capital Richmond. The plan to outflank the rebel positions on the Raphanock river, capture Richmond and end the war. It was a bold move and initially caught the rebels off guard.  As the Union forces under McLellan pushed north along the Peninsular the Confederate forces under General Johnston gave ground buying time to organise and reinforce ,whilst spreading false  rumours about their strength ,and occasionally turning and giving pause to the Union advance. One such point was the ring of hastily built artillery redoubts on the ridge on which also sat a large fort. These redoubts would have to be stormed or the advance on Richmond would be doomed.  Johnston sent General Longstreet to organise the confederate defence with orders to make the Federals pay in blood for each gun that they silenced.

Volunteers for Union attackers and rebel  defenders please

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