Monday, 6 March 2017

And the silver medal goes to

What to do on a rainy Sunday ?
Destroy rebels, no
Torture princess leia, done that
I know
A star wars tournament
The gamming hall at Element games Stockport
Lots of people doing 40K 

game 1
Me attacking upwards

There goes my star destroyer as well as his Interdictor
Gladiator survives

Game 2
this is where I got handed my ass

My last ships
My flotilla just destroyed his large cruiser before being reduced to atoms

Russ this is the fleet that thrashed me

last game

Star destroyer dead again
but  I destroyed all his ships
A good day
Learnt a lot (some things we are doing wrong)
they will be doing this again next month


  1. Looks excellent although I thought there would be more people there?

    That Rebel fleet looks a lot like my new one.

    The Liberty probably caused you a few problems but I suspect you got squadron bashed?

  2. Their gaming tables look interesting, do you know where they got them from?