Sunday, 19 March 2017

Modern Spearhead - Soviet Project

Today after a lot of thought I decided to go for it and order the Modern Spearhead rule book.

As I have a soft spot for Caliver books (not) I ordered the rules from the USA for £30

Yes a few quid more but that's that...............

Orders also placed with Magister Militum for a few packs of Soviet Infantry and heavy weapons and steel 30 x 30mm bases from precision wargame supplies.

I am going to give Scotia Grendel a go this time for my vehicles and other bits so it should be interesting to see what these look like in the flesh. On their website their tanks and command vehicles look very nice so a change of direction from H & R.

If I am desperate for anything I will no doubt have to order from Mr Captain Crap Kirk but we will cross that bridge as and when.

Went for GHQ infantry much the same as my WW2 British 3rd Division. I like the figures.

I'm not going to go full steam on this project but I think I should have enough stuff table ready by Summer.


  1. Look forward to seeing them - although I am told the latest H&R modern soviet figures are excellent!

  2. I'll have to base up the West Germans then and give them a lick of paint.

  3. Also Russ, there's a scenario for a Russian v West German battle in the rules set - I would build the Russians for that first, get a game played against Jon and then build on from there.

  4. Nice one thanks Ian.

    A bitesize start to a bigger Project