Sunday, 12 March 2017

Operational Rule Amendments for 1941

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There are a few amendments for our next operational game.  German command and control was far in advance of any other army in 1941 - and this became even more apparent against the Soviet Union.  Therefore our usual restrictions for the attacker do not seem appropriate for the Germans and so we will play the following amended rules.

- The two subordinate German players can flank march any unit onto the tables they command.  Therefore units can move between A and B tables or C and D tables following an order change of 3 or higher on the level one tables and 4 or higher on the level two tables.

- German recon battalions that fight as unattached units can flank march anywhere and between the two commanders.  They will roll for order changes as above.

This should give greater tactical flexibility for the Germans but will require good communication between the C in C and his subordinates!

Remember we will be playing a -1 firing for any unit that cannot trace a Line of Supply (LoS) to their base edge.  Any table to the rear of your forces occupied and uncontested by friendly forces cuts LoS.  Any contested table where there is no uncontested 12" gap  from one table edge to the other cuts LoS.  Flank marches may be crucial!

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  1. sounds right, up to the German players to make the most of these tactical manoeuvres