Sunday, 16 April 2017

Blog Nostalgia

On rainy Sunday's it is sometimes a nice time to look at some games we played on the blog.

I was trawling through the numerous battle reports and I stumbled on a game we played 3 Years ago using the sword and spear rules.

I must of suggested using them with Marks War Of The Roses figures. After reading the AAR It struck me that 3 Years had passed since this game took place.

A sobering thought but it only felt like yesterday!

The game before was Mark's Poleaxe 2 - yes 2014!

In November 2014 we played the fabulous Malaya campaign using the VAS rules, probably the last time we used those rules bar WW1 dreadnoughts.

Last time we used Phil's Samurai stuff was 2015 and before that 2013 using POWR

It is strange how time passes by and how quickly those Thursday or Saturday games fade into memory.

The beauty of the blog is very much true to what Jon said in that it is a timeless record of our games and Projects.

It makes it all that more important to always record what we did and when so on lazy Sundays like today when you look back at all the great games we have played over the years you can put a smile on your face.

Oh for nostalgia....


  1. Yes, time passing is scary. It must be over ten years since I regularly played Jon at close combat and it's 6 years since the last game played in the wargames room at the Chapel. We definitely need to ensure we record all our games on the blog as I certainly use it as a resource for replaying games.