Saturday, 6 May 2017

China Trip (it is historical !) and back to the painting project update for 2017

Still jet lagged from the return trip but had a great time visiting China.

Terra Cotta Army was something else and you cannot begin to understand how the emperor Qin Shi Huang decided to spend 40 years preparing for his own death and by his cruel desires enslaved hundreds of artisans and peasants to build these fabulous statues.

They are actually cast in moulds, and if you ordered them from H & R you would probably have to wait just as long as the real things!

Great Wall photos - again an unbelievable achievement. I never thought I would be so impressed until I actually got there to see it. When I discovered it runs for over 5000 miles it puts a whole new perspective on things historical.

I am so used to other history and never really thought a lot about the Chinese side of things. When you read into the history it really makes you realise that the Chinese where miles ahead of the Western civilisations.
 Another photo - you can see how far the wall climbs up that mountain ridge and no we did not walk up there, it was 30 degrees C that day but there were people up there!

Now I am back I have had time to contemplate on what I am doing on the Project side of things.

It's been a relatively benign 6 Months for me, other than Star Wars Armada I have otherwise had no interest in my Wargaming pursuits since last November.

I think I was suffering some burn out after painting up my British and German WW1 corps so the rest has done me good.

Thanks to Frank for picking up my Russian cold war army and a copy of the modern spearhead rules I can now focus on getting stuck into this project but I also need a sidekick to this and have been chatting to Jon about doing a French 6mm Baccus Napoleonic army for Age Of Eagles.

Jon has ordered his copy of the rules and I think he is going to order some Austrian and Russians so we can build up to Austerlitz.

I just ordered a load of French infantry, commanders and artillery for my army from Baccus today which I will collect from Phalanx on the 16th June.

I am looking forward to working on this Project with Jon so we can further expand into the Napoleonic period.

Phil has a load of of British Baccus stuff which he is willing to re base for this rule set so that adds a bit more flavour already without too much expense.

This lot will keep me busy for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018 for sure.


  1. Great photos Russ. I thought you were leading up to painting a Chinese army! The modern Russians look excellent and I'll bring them along on Thursday. Do you fancy a Covenantor v Montrose bash on Thursday?

  2. Yes that sounds good to me. Last time we played this you thumped me so I am kind of looking forward to seeing if I can try a different plan to make the Montrose army tick and make the game a bit more balanced this time!

    Look forward to seeing the Russians. I am already away with the Scotia models and have primed and based over 60 vehicles today ready for painting.

    See you Thursday