Monday, 8 May 2017

English Civil War Action!

The Battle of Shield-field 4th Feb 1644

It was only Phil and Ozzy and myself available for a game last Thursday so I thought I would put on a game at my place and introduce Ozzy to Pow.

Newcastle in the top right and the Covenanters attacking from the bottom.  The sconce by the bridge is only partially finished and Ozzy has sent the Scots cavalry on a wide sweep on his left to attack the Royalists from the rear whilst his infantry storm across the river.  The shell holes are coal pits - Newcastle was a vital source for the growing city of London.

Ozzy took the Scots Covenanters, keen to take Newcastle for Parliament.  Phil commanded the Royalists who intended to hold the river line as long as possible whilst awaiting reinforcements.  The loss of the half built sconce at the river would be a draw whilst a Royalist loss of the field fortifications would be a defeat.  If the Scots storm the city gates, then this would be an outstanding Covenantor victory.

Phil had to roll a three D6 and get less than the number of turns before his reinforcements turned up.  Unsurprisingly, he rolled very high until turn 9!  Above, dragoons and cuirassiers hurry to save the Royalist cause.
Ozzy picked the rules up quite quickly, but a deliberate approach robbed him of the time needed to organise a coordinated attack on the main field fortifications.  Nevertheless, the Royalists on the river line were overwhelmed and the Scots infantry were still relatively fresh, having used their superior firepower and frame guns to inflict heavy casualties.  The Scots horse, however, had struggled against the Royalist infantry and their aggressive commander, and there weren't many of them left for the follow on attack.

At the close of the game, initial Scots attacks had been held by the garrison but plenty more Covenanter infantry were massing for a final push.  On the far left Phil has strung his cavalry out in support, ready to attack any shaken Scots units.

A great little game well played by both sides.  Phil's defence was tenacious but Ozzy's attack was relentless.  The final result of a draw seemed fair as both sides still had plenty of fight left.  Definitely worth putting this one on again.

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  1. Great game all round. I think Ozzy picked up on the main thrust of the rules very quickly. I toyed with the idea of giving up the river line but decided to try and delay the inevitable and drive up the cost of doing so. Once engaged though I could not then disengage - especially as my reinforcements were so tardy in getting into place. I did what I could at the sconce (with hindsight I should have just created a redoubt and reduced the amount of firepower coming in. The delaying tactics virtually guaranteed a draw as Ozzy did not have time to effect a coordinated attack on the bastion (and the first unit in paid the price with 2 casualties straight away). My reinforcements arrived in time to secure the right flank but I'm sure that given more time the Covenantors would have secured a victory.