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Magnus Imperium

So just re written the rules adaptation for the ancients version of fast play Grande armee
please read and provide input
Magnus Imperium
Command phase
Army general
The army general now can be used as a combat stand, it will have 6 strength. If a general is used in combat he cannot issue any dice in the next pulse.
If a general evades combat all sub commanders command values are reduced by one. ( no one likes a coward)
Command dice
Most commanders will be poor or good only the exceptional Generals will be great, most barbarian warchiefs will be poor with chiefs (sub commanders) being +2 to simulate their desire to get stuck in.
Determine initiative – the same.
Command phase – the same
Initiative phase – the same
Skirmish phase – the same
-          Sk may attack from any edge
-          Sk must have a base width clearance to the target
-          You may sk against cavalry
-          You get a 4+ save again sk if more than 50% are in cover
-          The cavalry within 2” rule does not apply
Artillery – TBA
Control segment – The same
Force status – The same
Movement      Square infantry 10”         4+1d6
                                Round infantry 12”          6+1d6
                                Skirmish cavalry 16”       10+1d6
                                Cavalry/ chariots 14”      8+1d6
                                Elephants 10”                    4+1d6
                                Sub commanders 18”
General 20”
Terrain table – the same (cavalry/chariots prohibited in rough terrain/woods)
Movement restriction for square bases the same.
Round bases can move in any direction with no restriction except for terrain
Interpenetration cost 3” for infantry/elephants and chariots.
6” rule – the same
Evade- All cavalry/chariots can evade from infantry/elephants
                Sk infantry can evade from infantry
                Sk cavalry can evade from cavalry if they win a roll off with a +1 to sk
                Units that have been evaded can continue the rest of their movement allowance even to contact new enemy.
Combat – Square attacking bases will square up to square defending base, if not possible defender will square up, if that is not possible no combat will occur.
Defending unit will turn to face first enemy unit that contacted it, that unit is the primary attacker.
Round bases have no flank
Roll to hit is the same; elephants/chariots are classed as cavalry
Square bases that win a round of combat (not forced to fall back) do not lose any casualties that round.
Re roll bonus (+6) against flanked unit.
Re roll penalties (+4) – Units that are vulnerable
                                                Sk units attacking/attacked
                                                Cavalry/elephants/chariots attacking/attacked by pike
                                                Any unit Attacking/attacked by elephants.
                                                Rolling if outside radius of commander
Elephant rampage – Elephants that take a casualty from sk fire or lose a round in combat will rampage 4”+1d6 in a random direction and fight a round of combat immediately with whomever they contact. If the elephant owning player does not wish to fight with his rampaging elephants he may kill the elephants with spike and hammer (carried by driver) roll 1D6 on a 4+ the elephants drop dead and are removed, 1,2,3 and they keep going.
The elephants will be under control the next pulse.
Units rolling for the 6” rule against elephants have a -1 to their dice roll
Bases that cannot fall back due to terrain and or enemy units stop and lose another casualty (this is in the main rules and should be used for Napoleonic’s as well)

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