Saturday, 20 May 2017

So started on some Bolt Action tanks today......

From right to left a Type 3 Ho-NI Tank Destroyer and a Chi-Ha Type 97 Tank
followed by a Sherman 76mm Easy 8 and an M18 Hellcat 


  1. They look nice - I am especially looking forward to see how you tackle the Japanese camouflage!

  2. Excellent, can't wait to them all finished. I nearly succumbed to a purchase yesterday but Brimstage only had a Soviet army started pack for £68 in a T34.

    I know Jon has his eyes on the British so I thought about grabbing a German starter pack but they had sold them all.

    I'll hold off for the time being although I do have plans to buy in to this soon.

    Just not sure how I am going to tackle painting a 28mm miniature, I will need counselling!