Saturday, 29 July 2017

The land of Oz

Last Saturday, I popped over to see Ozy and his friends at Rhosesmor Village Hall.  It's in a lovely spot just less than 5 minutes form the A55 in one direction and 5 minutes from Mold in the other.

The hall area is about 18' x 30' in one wing and a kitchen and toilets in the other wing.  You could easily fit in 3 or 4 different games, or one operational game.

Oz and co are planning to use the facilities again in October and it might be an opportunity for us all to put on a game.  Ozy's friend's are a friendly bunch and one of them is into Spearhead and has a WW2 Russian army.

The custodian is a friend of Ozy and is a member of Deeside Defenders!

The venue is easily accessible for all of us, just 5/10 mins further along from the A55/Queensferry interchange and may give us an alternative venue for the future.


  1. Looks like a decent venue and in a good location too. Would be up for a game here next time it's available

  2. Ww2 Russianarmy? I like him already!