Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Britian confirms it's Nato commitment


1st battalion

Milan ATGW teams

Blowpipe AA

Scorpion recon

Scimitar recon

Striker ATGW

Spartan Milan ATGW

Air assets

Brigade ready for Rusties ruskies


Russ Fewtrell said...

Hats off Mark great looking figures and I can't believe you have managed to get these done in a few weeks!

I need to pull my finger out. I have only managed to paint around 100 Romans and base them up plus around 12 stands of Soviets since JOS.

I am not far off finishing a Regiment so could be table ready soon.

jono said...

Nice work Mark. German panzer grenadier brigade almost done. I've painted in three tone 1980s NATO camo so taking bit longer than I thought . Will post pics later this week.