Monday, 4 September 2017

battlegroup WW2

Another battle using the Battlegroup WW2 rules
with lots more tanks this time
Germans advancing
American units are hidden until they fire

M10 struggled with the Panthers

Infantry section and bazooka squad hold up the Germans

Big cats still hunting
US infantry in the building try molatoff cocktails but get shot up as they approached

bazooka squad made them pay for that wheat field and slowed down the left advance

US reinforcements
those 75mm tanks struggle against German armour

game end
Only the Panther platoon had made any headway
the German support infantry were slow to get moving
and let the panzer 4 's get ambushed by the US infantry

1 comment:

  1. This was another highly enjoyable game. Rules are not perfect but they will do for me.
    They play fast and apart from a few loose holes in a few rules are a great set of WW2 rules.