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Modern Spearhead rules review No1

Modern Spearhead rules review No1

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Just had a read through of the rules after last week’s game and these are some points we may have missed


1 When a battalion commander is destroyed and an alternative platoon stand is nominated as Batt HQ the battalion may continue with its last order or halt and go on defensive orders.

If a higher HQ was attached to the Battalion then he would step down and take command (allowing order changes)

2 Platoons may only pivot/move against spotted enemy.

3 battalions cannot change orders if all they spot are enemy recon.

4 Recon have a 36” radius on attack orders but standard radius on defend orders.

5 Initiative Nato +2, warpack +1

6 towed weapons require 1 full turn to unlimber

7 Combat teams are spotted as vehicles in the open and infantry in cover.

8 combat teams may only be targeted as infantry when within cover and stationary.

9 All platoons are spotted as in cover when stationary on hills.

10 Hull down is achieved the turn after the vehicle moves into position.

11 Turretless vehicles have a 45 degree ark of fire.

12 Indirect fire uses AT value against combat teams.

13 Indirect fire is not simultaneous, it is I go u go starting with initiative holder who may pass first round.

14 Foo only controls artillery from the battery/regiment it belongs to. (Cannot have 1 Foo controlling fire from 2+No divisional batteries/Regiments)

15 If a foo is killed the artillery may still be used by on table elements with the minus modifiers.

16 A foo attached to a battalion may be dropped off to support battalion, a foo in general support must be within the command radius of a battalion to offer supporting fire.

17 ground attack aircraft may do 2 no sorties, but one of them must be with cannon.

18 Attack templates for aircraft is 2.5x6 inch and for ground attack 2.5x12 inch.

19 AA, HS on the army lists means a 11+12 suppression.

20 close combat, each platoon must individually spot an enemy before attacking, if not must stop at 1”.


This is just a quick read through the rules and I may not have interoperated it correctly so feel free to check and contradict anything if have said (I may be wrong sometimes!!!)


Army lists are just a base point for army building they will require further investigation to get a correct vehicle designation.

Whereas we took the WW2 army list for gospel the modern lists change too much to be accurate at any given time.


The point’s value system helps in some respects as it is easy to say that all UK combat teams were Trojan 2 equipped when picking a battalion to fight but at almost 50% cost increase I tend to use the Trojan 1 teams.

Checking with further reading indicates that only elite formations had Trojan 2.

The nationality point’s modifier is a way to balance perceived super tanks against other tanks; you will always have less super tanks. It’s finding a way to counteract the individually better unit with different tactics.

Quantity has a quality all of its own-Stalin


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