Friday, 8 September 2017

Nato training exersize

Thursday nights game and a first outing for the Germans,
the British provided the opposition in this training exercise
German leopards

Mixed battalion

British defensive line

German panzer grenadier battalion outflanks the British defensive position

Lynx on a Tank busting mission

Leopards redeploy, head on into dug in chieftains was proving too tough 

helicopters break the left hand thrust

British pull back as their flank is turned

Right flank battalion redeploys to meet the threat on the left whilst the left battalion retires to form up as reserve
Another enjoyable game
thanks Jon
Modern spearhead is alike WW2 spearhead is alike great war spearhead.
There is definitely a learning curve to using the modern units
More gems from the rulebook:- most platoon that fire from cover are then spotted out to 12", ATGW when fired from cover are spotted out to 18"
AA platoons may fire at any aircraft, but units with AA stats may only fire if they are the target of an air attack.
We had a problem with the points system before we started as the chieftains were cheaper than the leopards and had a better stat line, so we recalculated the forces using the stat line for the total
DEF+CED+AT+AI+AA( hs not added)+ATGW
This gave us a fairer result as some units seem to have good stat lines for very few points
This system will need to be tested but I think with the Nation multiple will give us a more balanced game.
e.g. T72A :-24.3 points, Chieftain IX :-37.4 points


jono said...

The initial oob on a 650 spend using the published list was very biast on the British side with the Germans only being able to afford two battalions to the British 3 plus air cover and artillery with all the British vehicles being better than the Germans. A quick rehash of the point system gave a much better balanced game with the NATO forces all most cancelling each other out. Doctrine would suggest that both NATO forces dig in a defend but we wouldn't have got much of a game so the west Germans took the battle to the British. Early returns showed that head on you got mullered but about half way into the game I twigged the all arms aspect of the armoured vehicles and my combination of Marder combat teams and Jaguar tank killers on a flanking manoeuvre around the back of my panzer battalion and into marks left hand battalions started making mincemeat of marks mixed tank and APC battalion on his left. Unfortunately my earlier inexperience with the new rules cost me to many stands and my units moral went before I could make it count. This is a much more involved rule set bringing the technological advances of modern warfare into the picture and on an operational level the use of jamming and radio and radar detection of both artillery and SAMs will add extra spice.Another example is ammunition type, Mark didn't use the ICM artillery rounds with his M109 artillery. Had he done so he would have been firing with an automatic +2 to his dice roll. This would however count as two fire missions so do you go for a better kill with increased expenditure or husband your ammunition. The SAMS such as the Roland can see aircraft at huge distance irrespective of terrain and so like long range artillery a well placed SAM battery on the operational game could provide AA cover across multiple tables. So do you then use your helicopters on SAM seeking missions rather then going after MBTs. It proves one thing. In modern warfare,it doesn't matter how big and scary you think you are, there is always something that can kill you.

Ian said...

Very interesting to see the combined arms being used. I think there is a lot to master with this new set. ECM and counter battery fire are also extra methods I am looking forward to playing and will make a big difference in operational games. I'd be interested to see where we are with separate stands for infantry and carriers or whether the in cover or in the open has solved that question? Reading through old journals it would seem the Chieftain stats are wrong and that the Chieftain XI doesn't exist! Another rule idea is that the better trained army has priority for shooting rather than firing simultaneously.

jono said...

Separate stands not needed. The stands just count as dismounted in cover and in their apcs in the open . Weapons don't change, it just means you spot them and fire on them with AI when the unit is in cover and use AT when firing on them in the open. The infantry I separately based are now a couple of territorial shutzen battalions and the beginnings of my para brigade so time not wasted.