Wednesday, 27 September 2017


I am hoping we can all make it down next week. Mark and I are back form our holidays and Jon is finished with his shifts.

Just to put some ideas on the table now.....

I was thinking if no one else had plans

1. War of the Roses - Rules - Basic Impetus.

Reason - Fast play not too complicated and quick to learn. 2000 times better written than DBA and not too many figures on table

Mark - we could use 90 mm frontage units as DBA I have all army lists here for you for York and Lancaster

2. Modern Spearhead ( I must be a mug!) I'll gladly challenge any NATO scum V my Shit Soviets!

Just need some help with points as it seems we did things very wrong in the First "Russ Bash" game when Ian marmalised me.

3. Great War Spearhead - Points based game in preparation for our Somme game TBC

Well there's a few suggestions. Happy to play anything really but if any of the above are of interest let me know in good time!

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Ian said...

I would give Impetus a go. I want to put on a Warsaw Pact v Nato game as a weekend game; Mark has a very good scenario and rather than turn up on a Thursday and realise that hasty plan has led to a drubbing I think a properly thought out all day game will help us get to grips with the new rules and tactics. We need to confirm a day on which to play the Somme scenario which would need another Saturday. So far the operational game is looking likely for the first two weeks of November; I've heard back from yourself, Mark, Ozy and Phil.