Thursday, 21 September 2017

Operational Game

Image result for north africa ww2
This is a great pictorial representation of the terrain fought over during the North Africa Campaign.  To give an idea of scale the principle supply bases, of Alexandria for the British and Tripoli for the Axis, are about a 1000 miles apart.

I am trying to put on another operational game in October/November, again, set during the North African Campaign in 1941.

This time it will be an encounter battle between equal points armies.  The tables will be laid out differently in a 2-3-3-2 order.  Each side will take turns at positioning each table wherever they prefer.  Each table will hold the same points as it currently has.  However, each side then places nine markers on the objective points; this is done sequentially and if one side controls all the objective points on a particular table it can begin the game with forces dug in.

This should provide a very different game but with the same terrain.  Hopefully, it should be good for Eastern Front battles like Smolensk or Kursk and future Cold War battles.

Please let me know who is interested with potential dates and I will get it organised.


  1. Zut alors
    I am available any time
    Looking forward to our first encounter game

  2. October is pretty much ok and first 2 weekends in Nov. just need a week or two notice and I am good

  3. First two week sNovember ok for me

  4. I can probably do sat nov 4th. The following weekend is Mary's 40th so that's accounted for.