Saturday, 20 January 2018

A Bridge too far ?

1.       The rout thru Holland to Arnhem was difficult when going cross country due to the terrain which was polder with lots of drainage ditches. All movement by vehicles is at half rate, unless on the road which is at normal rate plus road bonus.
2.       All woods and hills on table 3B are replaced with multiple village sectors to simulate the urban sprawl of Arnhem. The original town sectors for 3B will still be represented with outskirts, all other built up areas will be multiple village blocks with a max platoon limit of 4 per square sector. This will make 3B one big city fight.
3.       All entry points to adjacent tables will correspond with the exit point of the last table. Entry to 3B from 3A and 1B will be as per map i.e. right half of 3A to left half of 3B and left half of 1B to right half of 3B.
4.       The bridge on table 2B has been rigged with explosives and will explode on a 4+ when allied elements contact the bridge, an engineer may defuse the explosives by being stationary for 1 turn by the bridge. If there are any axis elements within 3” of the bridge it will explode on a 3+ when the allies reach it.
5.       Allied airborne elements will drop on turn 1 using the standard paratrooper deployment. Airborne elements may be held back but will have to have a turn No and drop point allocated prior to turn 1.
6.       There will be 1No standard (no attachments) volks grenadier battalion at the town in 1C and a small garrison at the airfield. Paras’s dropping on the airfield as part of turn 1 deployment will suffer D3 attacks from the AA emplacement. (AI v AI).
7.       The volks grenadier battalions and infantry regiment will enter from the sides of tables 1A, 2A, 3A, 1D, 2D, 1B. 1No random fighting battalion will arrive each turn and a roll of a D8 will indicate the table entry (7 and 8 no show). The battalions do not have to enter that turn if not desired by the axis player and will go back into supply for another turn. This will simulate the randomness of the axis response in a supposedly quite sector.
8.       The axis panzer division is off table beyond 3B and will not respond until any battalion, axis or allied enters table 3B (Must be more than 75% of battalion). When this happens on the very next turn the axis player can release I fighting battalion per turn onto table 3B via the road.
9.       Line of supply rules are in effect. If there are no opposing elements on a table then the line of supply is blocked in either direction, if enemy elements are on the same table then a 12” gap which no enemy can trace direct fire too must exist for units to be in supply ( out of supply = -1 shooting and -1 close combat)
10.   The allies will automatically win if they can get an armoured regiment off table 3B, otherwise it is points per table as usual.

Shit!!! who rolled a 4

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  1. Well thought out Mark. I assume we can play this as a standard operational game on a Saturday?

    I have the paras ready and could use my British infantry for the air landing brigades?

    I have 17 gliders to paint if these were essential and I would be happy to buy the tanks and bits for the armoured division

    1. I thought you already had all the elements for the Armoured Division? And yes, this is a variation on the operational game using the same boards but in a different layout.

  2. Have not got any Sextons, Crusaders, M4's M3 infantry carriers, M74-4 or M74-5's apart from that yes I have the lot

  3. I have priests that can be sexton and m10 that can be achilies, m4 I have got so between us we have got it all.
    Russ can you let me know what you are missing exactly and I will make up the shortfall.