Saturday, 20 January 2018

Mers el Kebir converted to Italian option

Just in case the French ships aren't available, we can do it with the Italian fleet.  I've looked at the points value for comparison.

Aircraft - use Macchi C.201 instead of Curtiss H-75.

Coastal batteries - 2 x  4 x 15" guns (ouch!).

French Ships

  • Mogador – destroyer (Mogador class) (7.5)
  • Volta – destroyer (Mogador class) (7.5)
  • Terrible – destroyer (Fantastique class) (5)
  • Kersaint – destroyer (Vacquelin class) (5)
  • Lynx – destroyer (Chacal class) (5)
  • Tigre – destroyer (Chacal class) (5)

Trying to balance these out, I'd suggest the following (as I have the ships!)

1 x Cavour class BC : (39)
1 x Doria class BC : (36)
1 x Littorio class : (56)
2 x Trento class cruiser (14)

4 x Navagatori destroyers (5)
2 Etna Class cruisers (7)

The Littorio will add a bit of bite for the Italians as well as an element of survivability.  Similarly the coastal guns will give the British pause for thought!


Russ Fewtrell said...

French ships will be ready

Ian said...

The coastal guns are 13.9" - which is bad enough. This gives the British choices of how best to deploy their 15" main gun line!

mark shakespeare said...

I have the irregular models to use as the shore batteries
How many do we need?

Ian said...

Two should be enough.

jono said...

Even at 4 X15" guns each bunker is only the equivalent of one turret from your battleship, so its AF value is only going to be 30% of that of a regular battleship, and it will count as a stationary target for shooting. I'm guessing at that size of battery, the bunkers will have a fixed and limited arc of fire.
Its advantage is that its defence value is probably going to be very high (lots of steel reinforced concrete), unless of course the French went for big rotating guns in open pits!

Ian said...

It would seem that they did go for open pits! DF is four. If they were fortified 15" guns they would count as BB with a DF of 10!