Sunday, 4 February 2018

Cauldron in the sand

Had a game over at Ian's a week or so ago.
Ian had put on a desert spearhead battle using his lovely miniatures and a large desert setting.
Axis start from the right hand side as far forward as the as the ridge edge,
The British have pre-bombardment ( 4 regiments worth!!!) so i as the axis player decided to sit back a bit and move to forward positions when it was over.
The British move on from the left at turn 1.
The barbed wire at the top of the table denotes the the mine belt 

2 Italian infantry battalions with some serious anti tank attachments and an Italian artillery regiment holding the right flank

The only casualty to the pre bombardment
Ian needs to get somebody in to roll dice for him.

British infantry scout in overwhelming stregth
5 battalions worth.

Italians set up position before the storm hits.

First axis reserves are released in the form of an Italian tank battalion

British edge nearer, their reserves have been called forward to answer the Italian tanks.
2 regiments of mixed tank.

seeing the British tanks coming forces the axis to release a panzer battalion to counter the threat.

the Italian tanks have missed their opportunity to overrun the infantry on the flat

The same goes for the panzer battalion, but their arrival plugs a gap in the line as the Italian infantry rout.

British tanks duke it out with the germans

British infantry waiting for tank support before assaulting the hill

Top axis unit of the day, the artillery regiment.
sees off one battalion with indirect fire ( the motorcycle recon had a charmed life)
and was doing the same to a tank regiment, when the British infantry fixed bayonets and charged to clear the threat.

Fighting along the line

the end is nigh!
Italian tanks have routed leaving the infantry to face a combined attack.
the panzers hold the middle, but the artillery regiment is gone leaving a hole for the British to pour through.
Off i trot back to army HQ for a tea and biscuits meeting with Rommel 
A great game with great looking miniatures and a fab table, what more could i ask for 
Thanks Ian.


Ian said...

You played really well - I thought I had lost it on a number of turns and I couldn't just blame the dice. A tough scenario involving approx a division each and yet we got a result. A great game! Still not sure whether to repaint the ridge line pieces or create something shallower?

Phil Broeders said...

Looks fabulous. Well done boys

Phil Broeders said...

Looks fabulous. Well done boys

Phil Broeders said...

Looks fabulous. Well done boys