Friday, 9 March 2018

Thinking out loud

The lads enjoying the crack! (The potential captions for this are legion)

I've been meaning to post the above for a while but I couldn't find a relevant subject, and I still haven't, so here it is.

I thought I would post a general idea on my plans for the year and see what feedback I might get back as well as making a handy reference point for me.

List 1

First off I listed all the periods that I have completed;

Thirty Years War
WW1 French
WW2 North Africa
Renaissance Italy
Guadalcanal Naval Campaign
18th Century Europe

I should try and get one game of each played with the above this year.

List 2

The next list is of periods where I have bought the units and they need painting

1942 WW2 Russians
Franco-Prussian War
1859 Italian War
Madagascar 1942
18th Century Naval

All the above require no planning, special terrain or extra units.  They need finishing and I will have more games to play.  After the mammoth rebasing of the WW2 Africa units (2 years) I will get one of these finished straight away.

List 3 

These are periods where I need to buy some units and I will have new games to put on.

18th Century India
30yw Polish
WW2 Japanese
WW2 Vichy French

Minimum outlay and a little effort and I have some completely new periods to explore.
List 4

These are terrain projects that would add new periods without requiring any more troops.

Desert mountains for WW2 Tunisia and East Africa.
Arid coastal terrain for WW2 Mediterranean.
Buildings and forts for India.
Jungle for WW2 East Asia.
Sea terrain for WW2 and 18th Century naval
Covered way for 18th Century sieges. Saps and trenches need flocking.

List 5 

New periods using desert terrain.

Iran-Iraq War
19th Century Mahdist War.
WW1 Middle East.

These would be future projects and would be large under takings.  However, I can gradually build up the terrain pieces and produce Thursday night scenarios as way points for these projects. I can also do all the organisation and background reading.

Producing an operational game or campaign is the ultimate goal for any project and I will probably move from one list to another to get a mix of quick results and variety.  As ever, please let me know what you think.

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mark shakespeare said...

wow good list, give me a minute i'll go and make mine