Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thinking out loud 2

So inspired by Ian's entry i thought i would put my thoughts down of what i would like to accomplish this year, maybe!

1. Joy of 6, this year, I will put on the Napoleonic battle of Sacille 1809. french versus Austrians in Italy, this will give me a chance to revue my own terrain and improve where necessary.
I will put on a selection of battles prior to JO6 so that everyone is up to date with the rules. Jon do you have any scenarios for Napoleonic with your ACW pack.

2. Improve the operational tables, After gaming on Ian's desert boards i feel that the Green boards and terrain needs improving. As we all make an effort to put on and play these games i think it is only right that we should improve our experience using the best tables available.

Stage 1 is to set out all the tables and get laminated plans for all of them, this will speed up the setting up of tables on any game day. the terrain for this will be what we have at the moment. Stage 2 will be to take each individual table and bring the base board and terrain up to a higher level, this stage i would like us all to discuss, ease of setup, play ability, transport and storage, etc.

3. Moderns, I would like to play more so  we are all conversant on the rules and special equipment so as to put on an operational game later in the year.

 4. Magnus Imperium, I would like to replay some of the larger battles we have done previously, i.e .Guagamela, Raffia,

5. Star wars Armada, Beat Russ

 6. WW2 early war, I have some units for my British early war, i would like to expand this up so i can do an operational battle, e.g. "Race to Dunkirk". I will probably need some German infantry as well to bolster my Panzer divisions.

7. WW2 Americans, these boys need some 1942 units so i can get them onto those desert boards.

8. War of the Roses, I have all the troops, all i need to do is play test the rules and get gaming, I have all the troops for Bosworth.

9. Medieval, I love playing Medieval total war on the computer so i need to find a set of rules to suit.


Ian said...

Excellent list. Minimum painting required to get the maximum results. The biggest project will be getting the terrain done, and that will complement what Phil and I plan on doing with the Operational Game pdf/book. However, I have my doubts about you beating Russ!

jono said...

I can help with the boards. Getting very good results after bull run experience.