Friday, 16 March 2018

Thinking Out Loud 3

Following on I thought to add to the previous posts......

For me I have unfortunately succumb to the evils of work and my painting / project work has certainly taken a toll these last 6 Months. I can't say for sure I will recover the situation for the foreseeable future so really I have to make the best with the time I have.

As much as I would love to be getting stuck in to more stuff I think I will shortlist a few things for this Year and just make them happen.

1.  Modern Spearhead Soviet Army

I have slowly started to pick this project up again and my aim is to have the entire motorised infantry division ready to game with by July. Still lots to paint and base but looking good!

2.  Revised Scenery Boards For Operational Games

Still at experimental stage but the objective here is so raise the game on the quality of the operational table for Western Europe. This will take a lot of careful planning to make sure we use the best materials available. Durability is essential but it must look the part. Will be trying out a few samples of bits in the next Month. Work In Progress

3. The Somme Board

We spoke about this last week and I am going to knock something up for the Somme game.
A cheap option is on the cards and I think I will use some of the foam board I already have which is just sitting in boxes in the shed. I think I should make the effort if we are going to play the battle properly. Hopefully we have enough buildings to make up the villages / town sectors.

4. WW2 Spearhead British Airborne For Bridge Too Far

Can't say for sure when I will this done but will try if there is a deadline. Some work yet to do on painting a few bits up to make up the forces for this game. Work in progress!

5.  Star Wars Armada.....

Continue beating Mark......

As for attending shows I think I will just be doing Phalanx this Year. I won't be attending this Years JOS.


mark shakespeare said...

Very good.
We,ll miss you at Sheffield.
Can you recommend anywhere to eat.

Russ Fewtrell said...

I heard there is really good Italian there......

Ian said...

Excellent list Russ. I'm working on a few ideas to use the Soviets. How long do you think it will take to knock up the Somme battlefield?