Saturday, 26 May 2018

ACW thursday

Another night of ACW using a point system this time.
Union trying to take a winter quarters town from the Confederates
 Objective town

 Rebels in forward defences

 Right wing union forces confident their commander had a plan

 Left wing union forces, artillery will cover the advance.

 Right wing still has a plan

 Rebels head out to contain the union

 Left wing making some headway

 Right wing uses plan B 
except there was no plan B

 Rebels crumbling as the union go in strong

 Union reinforcement appears top right trying to outflank rebel position

Still no plan!
Another good game Jon 
next time no rivers please


  1. Kind of difficult since we are using the Bull Run boards but I’ll try a selection of boArds that puts less emphasis on the river and more on the hills beyond

  2. Good game - and I like the rivers!

  3. I like rivers too.... and dice

  4. Fab pictures. Looks like great game.

    1. Thanks Lee. Got to say a lot of your stuff looks great.