Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Cityscape Terrain Board part II

I was a bit jealous on Saturday hearing everyone else on WhatsApp getting on with projects but I managed to find some time on Sunday and Monday in my all new workshop!  Also, I ordered some ruined buildings from Gamecraft (looking forward to seeing Mark's Stalingrad factory) and thought I should get ahead with the base boards for the cityscape.

I was aiming for an effect that looked like a fought over urban area with dust and debris subtly turfing up the desert ground but blending into my other boards.  Generally, desert scenics require a consistency regardless of the ground type but I wanted something a little more dynamic for our urban fights.  I thought I would make one 1'x2' section with separate town sectors to see if I could achieve the "look" and create something to game on and try out a few rules ideas.

The base boarding using a 1'x2' section alongside two other boards.  This would be an urban strip within one half of a standard operational board. 

The same board giving a variant on the above set up.  Of course, I could use three boards and make the entire table urban.  But one section could be open cultivated simulating debris with some visibility limitations (like a marshalling yard) whilst another section could be more difficult ground like woodland simulating a variety of light destroyed buildings..  The third section only may  contain buildings.  This would give maximum flexibility.

Added town sectors blend in with the background and allow infinite variations.  I just need to add buildings to complete the overall look.

I'm quite happy with the finished result, and for me, it didn't take very long.  I will knock up another one or two boards but I think I will need more town sectors - Mark do you have any more wardrobe panels?

Just waiting for the delivery of my ruined Mid-East buildings and I will post more pictures.


mark shakespeare said...

I may have a bit, what sizes do you want

Ian said...

3"x4", 5"x4" and 6"x4"?

jono said...

I removed the inbuilt wardrobes from our master bedroom last week ready for some new ones and I’ve kept all the thin backing. I’ve got masses of the stuff ready to turn into woods and marshes for acw but can spare some for a good cause

Ian said...

Brilliant! I think there are going to be many uses.