Wednesday, 16 May 2018

WW2 city fight

Thursday nights game 
Spearhead WW2, 2x American infantry battalions ( regular) with Sherman tanks as escorts, German 3x volksgrenedier battalions (green) with 2 Hertzer tank destroyers.

The idea was to just play a meeting engagement game and hash out any inner city rule additions that we felt suited the game

Americans entering from the bottom, with the Germans entering from the top

 Slow approach by the Americans would cost them, they didn't get much further than the first line of buildings.
 Germans on the other hand advanced boldly to take up forward firing positions

 Firefight ensues.
German battalions have 3 platoons of rifles and 6 of SMG.
the SMG might be good for close combat but at only 3" range struggle to add to the firefight

 3rd German battalion uses the centre city blocks to advance and split the Americans

 End game
Germans have taken the centre block, numbers are beginning to tell 

Rule additions for city boards
1. All town sectors are classed as villages with a -1 to hit
2. stepping from one sector to another within a block takes a full turn
3. Units can step out of a sector into open or step into sectors from open but not both on the same turn.
4. Indirect fire is not very effective, it is 11/12 for less than 150mm and 10-12 for 150mm and over.
5. Sector capacity is based on the longest edge of that sector, so a 4"x 3" sector would have a capacity of 4 units. A city block may be made up of single or multiple sectors .

A good game Gents 
a different game again showing that green troops in numbers can hack it.
city boards are another place to let your design instincts flow with the addition of parks industrial sectors etc and a good colour board it makes for a challenging game.

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  1. It was a good game - and I'm inspired to paint up one of my spare terrain boards for urban fighting - but I may need Russ' help with his paint spray for all those subtle grey and beige tones.