Saturday, 2 June 2018

On The Bench - Modern Soviets - Rocket Battalion

To help my BTR Regiment out on Thursday I thought I would paint up the integral Divisional Soviet Rocket Battalion this afternoon.

Here's some photos starting with the models primed.......

9K52 Luna-M (FROG-7) SSM Mobile Missile - Chemical & Nuclear Capability

9K51 Grad BM-21 Mobile Rocket Battery

Models based, de greased with 99.9% alcohol and primed Vallejo white with Evolution airbrush.

After leaving to dry for around 20 mins the models are painted using a thinned down Vallejo Russian Green for the rockets and a Coat D' Arms Russian Green for the Frog 7 (I wanted a different contrast on this model)

Citadel Null Oil wash is applied to the base coat to create shadows...

Once the ink dried I highlighted using Vallejo Russian Uniform mixed with a ochre yellow to create a subtle contrast effect. Wheels and windows all painted in black then Vallejo Earth brown applied to the bases and allowed to dry. I have airbrushed a thin coat of gloss varnish to protect the finish. I'll do another matt top coat tomorrow and finish off by pva and sand to base the models up.

These rockets are 122mm and have 40 tubes in each model. 200" range on table with AT = 4 and AI of 7 Check out the you tube link...

This is a tasty missile. It has a 700" range and it's AT=4 indirect with an AI of 8 with a conventional warhead. Can't wait to try this out against Mark on Thursday.

Check out the You Tube Link.....

A productive afternoon's painting adding some more flavour to my Russian Division