Monday, 4 June 2018

Thursday night Modern Spearhead

An encounter battle between Russian and french forces
Objectives were set and were each worth 1 point
Broken battalions 1 point

French secure objectives and take up forward defensive positions 

Mon diu! another objective
Break out the Galuoirs

Russian BTR battalions secure road junction and await orders

Artillery proved effective for the french and ineffective for the Russians

3rd Russian BTR battalion and tank reserve

Russian Orders come in and a general advance ensuse

3rd battalion clears the woods and brakes the French left

French reserves released!
Its almost like they had been waiting for the Russians to commit to the attack

Russians screen their attack with smoke
or so they thought 
I will refer you to the latest diplomatic incident "Smokegate"

End of play 
Russian win 

Next Thursday Russian V Joint Anglo/French force


  1. Totally different game to any other Spearhead. Lots still to learn about the rules. Soviets seem brittle, especially the BTR regiments. Now that the smoke rule has been clarified things are not so grim perhaps?

    Frank's stuff on the hills was very strong. Phil did a good job of breaking the right flank with his tanks.

    In a few Months time an operational game will break out the box and really ignite the period further.

    I might have the full Division all painted up by then !

  2. I think moderns definitely suit an operational game - especially with a Soviet armoured juggernaut attack.