Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Will need some help here!

I'm looking to set up an Eastern Front winter operational battle in the near future.  Working on the scenery and the last bit of the troops at present.

I've set up a spreadsheet to work out the points for the respective armies - applying the national quality multipliers and based on the T&OE for 1941.  Working off 2,000 points I have got the Russians 2 infantry divisions, a tank division, a ski battalion, a cavalry division, an independent tank brigade and still am short of the 2,000 point tally!

Giving the Germans 1,000 points and the multipliers I can just about muster 1 infantry division!

Do I increase the German points tally?  Do I give the Germans more leeway to choose the units they want?  Have I got the sums right?

Anyone got an example of previous operational battle lists I can work from?



  1. you need a 2 to 1 advantage for the attacker
    Defenders need at least 6 or 7 combat commands to form a defence.
    An artillery battalion can be used as a defensive combat command.
    Don't forget we usually put in a free Green battalion in the town and 3 infantry,1 AA and 1 armoured car stand at the airfield

  2. Mark is right with the ratios. We could also bath tub the units and have a battalion represent a regiment - this allows you to have all the different units without swamping the players.