Friday, 28 February 2014

D B A Month - Summary and plans for more D B A!

And so it was in our final big battle D B A game of the Month last night....... Well played to the Romans in what was a battle which could of easily gone either way.

Thanks to all for contributing to this Month's theme games. I certainly thought that last night's game was rather enjoyable and as per usual you only really get into full swing with a set of rules after the 3rd or 4th game.

It would seem as though the rules have been received enthusiastically which is what I would call "progress"

Other than Marks tried and tested ancient rules based on Warmaster we have dabbled in a good few ancient rule sets with "mixed" results to say the least!

D B A is by no means perfect but it flows very nicely and keeps everyone involved. The detail level is just about right and due to it's abstract nature gives little room for complications in rulings to occur on the table.

Following on from our conversations post game I will be shortly posting a good deal of army lists which we have decided to use from t he DBM books.

I propose to cap a 300 point limit which will allow you to build your customised armies should the urge ever come over you.

I would say that 300 points will give you 40-50 elements in total (depending on points costs)

Last night we talked about inferior / ordinary and superior troop types. When you see the DBM lists you will note that troops are defined by quality. It just so happens that I have found a house rule on the DBA Yahoo group site with a nice easy list of three modifiers which can be applied to combats when fighting with these troops.

Inferior troops have to re roll their combat dice if they roll a '4' but only once!
Ordinary troops are ordinary so they dice as normal
Superior troops can re roll their combat dice if they roll a '3' but only once!

I think that this will be more than adequate in dealing with the variations of troops in the army lists.

Any comments are welcome!

I would like to put another Month on in July so pencil this in!

Finally I hope to have some copies of the version 3.0 rules printed off for everyone soon.

Apologies for the mix up on versions during the Month, I know this caused some confusion by starting on V2 then moving over to 3!

Next week Jon is putting on an ACW game.




  1. I have pictures from last nights game and will edit them onto this page.
    I found I had DBM army list book in my bookcase and have been perusing the lists.
    My phalanx purchase of baccus romans can be rebased for Middle or late imperial,
    although in my bits box there is probably a Parthian/Scythian army
    The roman blade was tough last night but they are only a 3 against mounted (interesting)
    It does mention in the DBM book when reading the roman list that war band will sweep legion away and to counter this a forward line of auxiliary will blunt the war band, which they did historically.

  2. Thanks Mark, Interesting to hear about using Auxillia as a counter to the Warband. Will be good to see how that works on the table. Also found out that it actually costs 2 pips to move elephants and scythed chariots which is something I missed (there is always something!)

    I am hoping that Jon, Phil and Ian may consider picking an (other) army to build for the future. I will be for sure but it will fall into 2015 as this Year is already fully booked with Projects.


  3. I would like to do one or more armies with differing characteristics for the period. Happy to do the Gauls if no one wants them and something else