Friday, 14 March 2014

Japanese Army Lists For Thursday's Big DBA Game

Further to last nights discussions here is the official army list for the Japanese.

I will leave the army building up to Phil as I have no idea what he has based up on 40mm frontages!

Also - thinking on from our chat post game about inferior and superior troop types I would of thought that the ideal rule and simplest is to allow a re roll of a 1 for superior troops and make inferior troops re roll a 6 in combat. This rule is used in FOG and works well.

Any other suggestions welcome


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  1. Score on the doors

    Troop types by total number

    Ashigaru arquebus - 40 bases
    Ashigaru spear - 64 bases
    Ashigaru bow - 26 bases
    Samurai cavalry - 15 bases
    Mounted general (cavalry) - 10 bases
    Sohei monks - 12 bases
    Ronin - 6 bases
    Samurai - 43 bases

    More than enough!