Monday, 17 March 2014

Japanese night on Thursday

I'll be putting on a Japanese night - big battle DBA but using elements of DBR (i.e. superior and inferior troops).  Russ has already posted the army lists you can choose from.  We'll call it 300 points a side so you can determine how best to consider allocating your points.

Don't worry about base numbers - I have enough to cover both sides (although don't go nuts on the cavalry or ronin as these are a bit limited).  I would limit samurai to c. 25% of total points expended (75 points) which includes cavalry.  Note that I will not allow mounted samurai to dismount and fight as blades - that was not how they were used in the Sengoku period.

Assume we are fighting after 1542 (i.e. mounted samuari use lances, arquebusiers are available etc.).

Myself and Russ will playtest on Wednesday night just to iron out some of the issues (like how far the ashigaru teppu can fire at).


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