Friday, 14 March 2014



These boys are painted
I have been somewhat preoccupied with work and the house over the last few months.  Work continues but the house is now done for the time being.  So, I will have more time for wargaming and I will be putting on a series of major battles from the War of the Austrian Succession.  These will be the four major battles of the Army of the Pragmatic Sanction and its attempt to thwart the despotic ambitions of Louis XV's France.  These battles are Dettingen, the last battle in which a British monarch led his army, Fontenoy, probably the British armies most splendid defeat, Lauffeldt, in which the French army uses column of attack, and Rocoux,where a French army led by a German confronts a British army led by a Frenchman! 

These boys are nearly painted!
The French and the British are the main protagonists, but the Dutch, Austrians, Hannoverians, Swiss, Irish renegades, international adventurers and two monarchs will be making an appearance.

I intend to play the battle of  Dettingen on Good Friday and then gently roll out the other three battles during the course of this year.  These are all classic battles with interesting features that will allow us to travel through and understand one specific theatre of a very complicated war.

Let me know who can make it for the first battle and I will organise it appropriatley.