Sunday, 10 August 2014

DBMM - Movement

Some further reading has led me to posting this while it's fresh.

I thought it would be handy to do a few posts on certain parts of the rules.

I will start with Movement.

Movement types

Well there are 4 in total, these are:





1. Tactical moves are what we are very much used to already so nothing really new here except a few notes for you to take on board....

Light horse & Psiloi only get to move the once (this is very different to DBA wherein multiple moves are available)

2. March moves are new and we did not get to use these on Thursday as I had not read the rule book.

Nothing too difficult here though - you can opt to march elements or groups as follows:

You can march up to 6 times max in sequence.

You move in your bound and in the opponents

You have to end your march in contact with enemy and all but your last move must be at full speed.

It will cost you extra pips to march but only after the 2nd (for irreguar troops) or 3rd ( regular troops) move

+1 pips

It also costs an extra pip to march into contact with the enemy.

3. Spontaneous moves are again something new.

They reflect "Impetuous" troop types such as warband and certain irregular troops.

You must move these troops in your bound and they nearly always have to advance in column.

The move doesn't cost you any pips but if you want to stop your troops you have to issue a halt order at the cost of 1 pip per element or group.

If you are moving in good ground and are not going to contact enemy you get to move an extra base width each time. If you are pursuing routers you get a double move!

There are a lot additional conditions and sub rules under this type of move and I will elaborate further on Thursday.

It's going to affect my Warband for sure!

4. Outcome Moves - well these are generally the same as DBA except we have Repulse which is a full move backwards facing the enemy. There is also "Spent" which generally relates to Skirmihsers. You lose the unit but it does not count towards your morale losses

I'll move on to another subject next......

But this is enough to digest for a few days.


  1. Definitely sounds more detailed than DBM.

  2. This is the best way to introduce the group to DBMM
    in small portions with a review before the next battle

  3. Crikey,my barbarian horde is sounding like it is going to be a tactical (if very interesting) nightmare