Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wargames Weekend

Met up with some friends who are part of a wargames club on the Wirral.  I used to go away for weekends in the past where the group would hire a hotel or outwards bound centre for three days and use the facility for an elaborate series of games or a major one off battle.  Everyone would put on their own particular game but there would be opportunities of an evening to check out an alternative game or play a wargames related board game.  The organiser is Andy Ashton who you may have seen at some of the bigger wargames shows with his trade stand "Last Chance Games" for which he has a shop in Wallasey.

This year they are hiring the Britannia Hotel in Wigan for a weekend in late October.  The plan is to meet up on Thursday evening 23rd October and finish approx lunch time on the Sunday.  I believe the cost is £150 full board and the use of their function room.

I thought I would put it out there and see if we want to look at this as an opportunity to play a large game or small campaign.  If there is any interest amongst us please let me know asap and I will get in touch with Andy.  Phil, one of the attendees is Dave Lloyd, if he is still to collect his specs have a word with him.


  1. Sounds fab but I will have to pass this Year as I am out of holidays already. I would normally be okay for this time of Year but as we are going away this Christmas I have had to use my spare days up.

  2. Its an interesting project but I'm working and that leave is already booked. Would be interested next year though

  3. Fair enough. They do this every year and if we have a particular game in mind this might be the venue to try it out without some numpty kicking off because we didn't put a table away.