Friday, 18 September 2015

I wish i was in Dixey, away away

Thursday nights game and its ACW this time
Initial set up

Union holding Hills

and walled field

Confederates enter
their commander was poor/average with only a 20cm radius
they could not spread their line

2 large regiments come on at the rear in skirmish formation,
The brook/stream caused disorder to formed troops but not to skirmish

Union left advances to defends the brook,
centre and right holds

Rebels advance slowly thru the woods using artillery as close support

Rebel right retires in disorder and the union pushes across the brook
Union centre comes off the hill and fails a morale and retires
union regiment in the woods tries a charge and gets shot up and halts in disorder

Union left and right retires in disorder
Union in woods routs
Union centre makes for the farmstead with artillery
The confederates that looked to be struggling earlier have found their way clear now but any further morale rolls could see them retire in disorder.
having a fresh regiment in reserve could win the day now.
Cheers Jon, good game


  1. Yes good to get the rules out again.i checked the skirmish rule. Artillery can ignore a skirmish line EXCEPT when the enemy skirmish line comes within close range of the gun at which point they have to be targeted as they become a threat. Units in Skirmish order are like single sharpshooters stands and have no front and May fire out of any face although friendly skirmish stands block line of site. If a player declares that they are changing into skirmish order but subsequently run out of space to deploy then they must form a second line of skirmishes,they still fire as half stands but lose the -1 Modifier when being shot at.

  2. Great to see the same layout but a completely different period again. Looking forward to seeing what else we can use it for.