Sunday, 6 September 2015

Marching with the Eagles


This week will see the Roman army up against the Britons
In the year AD43 Legio 2 Augusta was commanded by the future emperor Vespasian.
They were stationed in Britain and had already participating in crucial early battles on the rivers Medway and Thames.
They were sent to reduce the south west, penetrating through the modern counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall with the probable objectives of securing the south coast ports and harbor’s along with the tin mines of Cornwall and the silver and lead mines of Somerset.
Thursday night’s battle will see the Legions trying to subdue a local tribe on its march east.
The romans will be commanded by Legate Russo incontinenta Fretwellus with able assistance from Prefect Jono Ludicrus okydus
The British will be commanded by chieftain Marc "hand me the blue paint" spearshaker

The town sector will be a druids circle and the fields will be marshes.
Marshes will only be passible by light troops.
Heavy troops will have-1 armour and no pilum in the woods.
The Britons may hide in the woods/marshes and will only be revealed when a roman unit is within 20cm.
Warband rule is in effect.


Stone circle, when a roman unit touches the stone circle all Briton units test for reaction on a D6

1, 2 “all is lost” troops fight with a -1 to their attacks (not shooting attacks)
3, 4 “so what, bloody druids” – no change
5, 6 “How dare the bastards, kill them all” +1 to their attacks (not shooting attacks)
The reaction will last for the rest of the battle.


Romans must destroy all British units and be touching the stone circle to gain victory, anything else is a British victory



  1. I'm glad I'm ludicrous and not Incontinent.tough luck russ

  2. Russ can you bring the board and your trees please

  3. As long as no-one is ridiculing Biggus Dickus!

  4. Can't make tonight. Won't leave work until late. Sorry. P.s. Those are not the Druids you are looking for!