Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Another Renaissance PoW amendment.

Phil and I played a game yesterday with a Spanish and Papal army.  In the mountains with four fortified villages, the Spanish opted to defend and entrenched their whole army.  The Pope was somewhat disappointed to turn up with an army that was very reliant on armoured heavy cavalry!

However, it turned up some new situations that needed resolving with regards to field fortifications and I need to log the following amendments.

Units assaulting or crossing earth entrenchments/field fortifications do not get their melee multipliers and move at speed 2.  This applies until the unit has completely cleared the obstacle.  Units defending do get their melee multipliers if applicable and if they have passed any necessary morale checks.

Artillery defending entrenchments have a 45 degree firing angle.


  1. Pedro left a sodding big hole to the left of the entrenchments which the surprisingly good yet weak condottieri managed to punch through. Then the massed Landschnects piled into my arquebusiers and skirmishers (who managed to hold them up for a turn or two then got battered.