Monday, 26 October 2015

German Tercio HELP!

After unleashing the wrath of the Balrog on Andy at Heroics and Ros for what can only be described as "dreadful customer service" my Army finally arrived Saturday, delivered by Andy himself on a push bike (he made the journey especially for me).... not.

In reality I let him know how I felt about his customer service. two days later the goods arrived, I have had no reply to "that e mail" as yet....

Bridges well burned I wanted to make this army my best yet as it is likely to be the last thing I order from H & R.

Yesterday I started my first Tercio unit. I decided to try out an idea I had in mind to help me base these figures as accurately as possible so I spent a good while of messing around on the computer first before coming up with this below.

I only managed to get this lot done tonight but before I go ahead with the rest I need some feedback on how this looks please! I don't know if I should make the pike deeper and less wide (there is still a 4th front rank to be based, flag bearer / leader & drummer etc) or go with the wider formation in 4 ranks.

Ian - what do you think? does this look wrong or is it just an aesthetic thing??


  1. The paint job looks great. Andy was taking the mick and its a shame he has lost you as a customer. I think deeper would look better, with the shot units touching the corners of the pike. Maybe 10 figure wide and 6 deep or 12 x 5. It's a pity there are no figures loading their arquebus as they could have padded out the pike with a sleeve of shot.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Ian, It's easy enough to re base them as they are only stuck onto paper!

    I actually used a white primer this time and spent a bit longer painting in the lines with burnt sienna. It tool me all night to paint 15 of the shot troops but they do look nicer than painting over black primer. I painted the helmets using a black grey which seems to work better than pure black.

    I'll post photos of the finished unit once it's completed.