Friday, 2 October 2015

Maiden Castle

 I was working at Southampton and had to go to Bridgewater, so I thought I would take the scenic rout via Dorchester and have a look at the biggest Iron age fort in the UK

 Main entrance

 Top of wall 3 looking out of main entrance
 Looking north to Dorchester
 The top plain

 Ditch between wall 2 and 3, very steep

 Lines in the ditch walls made by generations of sheep cropping the grass

 Bottom of ditch between wall 2 and 3

 Top of wall 2 looking at wall 3
 Ditch between wall 1 and 2

 Top of wall 1, you cannot even see wall 3 over wall 2
 Dorchester to the North
 The castle looking south from the access road


  1. I've never been there and your photos give a great sense of how massive the site is - it looks like it could easily be defended now! Oswestry is pretty well intact but a fraction of the size of that monster. Glad to see you're getting your work/wargames balance right!

  2. Looks like some of the sites Mary and I visited on the Somme.

  3. The walls were so steep, I wouldn't have liked to assault them in heavy armour, carrying a shield and taking fire from above.
    I must sort out some ancient siege rule as this was one of the castle's that Vespasian and the 2nd assaulted on their drive west (marching with the eagles)

  4. Deb & I stayed about 1/4 mile away in 2012, we visited the castle a few times during our week and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. It's bloody massive for sure!