Monday, 26 October 2015

Some more rules we seem to of missed in powr

whilst browsing the rule book I notice some bits which we seem to be missing when playing.

Page 25

It clearly states 2 pips to stop a class 5 unit from charging but above this it also states 2pips to move class 5 unit that is within charge range of an enemy.

Does this then mean it costs 4 pips to do something with a class 5 unit ?

It certainly reads that way to me....

Page 16


Can't seem to recall applying these modifiers....

1. Pike get an extra +1 On their morale roll against troops with a lower pike ratio

2. You seem to get a plus per class difference so a unit of Swiss like fighting mounted crossbow would get +4 extra on their morale roll. This makes sense as it makes is less likely for a crap unit to inflict a lucky rout or shaken result against a superior class unit. This does not apply to units being shot at though.

Maybe my memory is failing but I can't remember us using these and they are in the rule book.


  1. I would say the 2 pips for class 5 is either/or not cumulative. The -1 modifier for pike was used to great effect by you against my Gensdarmes in our last swiss v french bash! We certainly use the class difference as my skirmishers needed the terrain and defences to hold out against your class 2 crossbow, your class 4 pike quickly routed my class 1 artillery and my class 4 sword and buckler loved your class 2 crossbow in the last battle!

  2. Its one or the other - if on hold you have to expend 2 pips to stop them running towards the enemy. I presume the other one (2 pips to move) means that if you want to move (as opposed to charge) - e.g. to get into a more favourable position then its 2 pips. Otherwise you get a free charge as it wont cost you pips to get them to do so.

    I'm sure the +1 has been used against lower pike ratios. As has the class difference as I found out when my Spanish crossbow were mullered by the Landscnechts.